Tracy Heaston



Born in Long Beach, CA, Tracy studied percussion at age five and continued formal training until he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance for Percussion, from Azusa Pacific University, in California. Tracy studied piano when he was nine years old taking instruction for only a year.

Starting at age ten, his professional career began by playing drums for the The Greatest Show on Earth – The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. At age11, he joined the Musicians Union in Hollywood in order to perform in TV commercials. He eventually made TV commercials for American Bakeries, Pepsi, Nissan and Volkswagen. He appeared in movies such as Going Ape, Bumbles, Punch and Jody, and Circus.

Tracy has played for a variety of shows and artists throughout his career including Holiday On Ice, Disney On Ice, Neil Sedaka, The Blackwood Singers, Jake Hess, Connie Smith, and Tom T. Hall to name a few. He has produced over 100 recordings for himself and for other artists, many of them gospel. In addition, Tracy was also the vocal and instrumental arranger for TBN’s (Trinity Broadcasting Network) house band, Crossroads & Co.

Branson and the Comedy Jamboree have become home for Tracy. As musical director, he leaves his signature musical mark on every aspect of the show.

Birthday: June 17
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Caviar
Favorite Entertainers: YES
Favorite Song: Hotel California
Favorite TV Show: Frazier