Shannon Thomason “Applejack”

Comedian – Applejack

Better known in Ozark Mountain Country as Apple Jack, Shannon was born and raised in the small town of Rayville, Louisiana, and lived most of his life in the Pelican State before moving to Branson 15 years ago. A natural born performer, Shannon grew up singing and performing in his church, as well as in local theatre and several bands in and around Richland Parish.

Being a man of southern heritage, it’s no surprise Shannon’s comedic inspirations include comedy legends Justin Wilson, Archie Campbell, Lewis Grizzard and of course, the “Mouth of the South,” Mr. Jerry Clower. “I can remember when I was a kid, pulling out the old albums and listening for hours,” he said. “Not only were they master storytellers, but they were funny without being dirty and not everybody can do that.” After playing bass and singing all over the south, Shannon decided to audition for Silver Dollar City and was hired to be a part of The Silver Dollar Saloon Show and the Echo Hollow evening show. In 2007 he became a part of the Comedy Jamboree Show and has been tickling the funny bones of thousands of visitors every year. He also hosts our Amazing Pets show.

One of his favorite aspects about the Comedy Jamboree is the fact he gets to interact with the crowd, who he loves to visit with after the show, passing out his famous hugs and infectious laughter. “The comedy is the body of the show and the music, singing and dancing is the life blood,” Shannon said. “We are so blessed to be here doing what we’re do every day because the Bible says a merry heart does a body good, and that’s what we strive to do.”

Shannon and his beautiful southern belle, Suzie, have been married for nearly 20 years. They have two daughters named Lucy and Anna.

When he isn’t performing on the Grand Country stage, spending time in church or with his family, Shannon loves to play bass and sing in his touring band, The Super RedHawks.

Birthday: January 22
Favorite Color: Lime Green (of course)
Favorite Food: Panda House, Branson
Favorite Entertainers: Jerry Clower, Justin Wilson and Grandpa Jones
Favorite Song: House Of The Rising Sun and Mustang Sally
Favorite TV Show: Hee Haw and NCIS