Perry Edenburn “Harley Worthit”

Comedian – Harley Worthit

When Perry Edenburn first saw the light of day in Ames, Iowa, the doctors did everything they could, but he pulled through anyway. Perry was a youngster when he first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. He was instantly hooked, teaching himself to play guitar before becoming a drummer in the school band. By all accounts, Perry was a valuable asset to his high school, making it possible for more than half of his class feel better about their spot in the class rank. Even though Perry drove by and even stopped at a few colleges on occasion, he never attended classes.

Looking for a road as unique as him, Perry eventually attended a radio broadcasting school, in Minneapolis, where he worked in radio for five years. He also went on the road for the first time as a member of a four-piece group, singing and playing the drums. While Perry enjoyed his time on the road, he enjoyed eating much more, and he eventually turned his back on the entertainment business to have several square jobs.

In 1980, he was offered the drumming position at Lee Mace’s Ozark Opry in Osage Beach, Missouri. During this stretch, Perry began contributing ideas and routines to the show’s comedians. After 5 years with the Opry, he was asked to come up with a character and be the new comedian. I didn’t want to let the cast or the people who came to see us down, so I came up with a Swedish tourist character named Ole Jorgenson.” After getting the show through the end of the season and his family through the winter, Perry got two calls the following season. “I spent all that time learning to play and sing and the only work I was being offered was as a comedian,” he said.

We know audiences love his work as evidenced by being awarded Branson’s Comedian of the Year. Perry, and Harley Worthit, look forward to it every day. Perry is married to his amazing wife, Gail.

Birthday: December 29
Favorite Color: All of them
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Entertainers: George Carlin & Jim Stafford
Favorite Song: Make the Knife & Heart of Rock & Roll
Favorite TV Show: Everybody Loves Raymond & Seinfeld