Mike Patrick


Emcee & Producer

Mike Patrick is celebrating his 24th year in Branson show business. He performed with one of Branson’s founding shows, the Foggy River Boys until their retirement. Mike also spent 17 years with Silver Dollar City as Entertainment & Events Manager. He produced various productions and events which to include the Great American Music Festival, National Kids Festival and Old Time Christmas Festival. He also performed with the Max Bacon Family for over 20 years.

Mike is a native of southwest Missouri growing up in Nixa. He was inducted into the Nixa Academic Hall of Fame in 2004. He also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications Management from Missouri State University.

In 2003, he joined Grand Country as General Manager of Grand Country Music Hall. Responsibilities include marketing for the property and executive producer for all theatre productions and special events within Grand Country. Whether he’s on-stage or off, everything at Grand Country has a little touch of “Mike” in it. Through the years, many of the shows he has produced have been award-winners. He is also the reigning Emcee of the Year, as awarded by Branson Show Awards.

Mike is a member of Riverdale Baptist Church. Table Rock Lake and aviation are his favorite hobbies on a day off, and being dad to Cornish Rex cats, Zack & Jill.

Birthday: May 17
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Mr. G’s Pizza, Old Dutch Dill Potato Chips and Shogun’s Japanese Steakhouse
Favorite Entertainers: Mickey Gilley, Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton and Jerry Lee Lewis
Favorite Song: I Will Always Love You
Favorite TV Show: Branson Country USA
Website: www.mikepatrick.com