Michael W. Davis


Piano, Keyboard and Vocals

Michael W. Davis was born and raised in Camden, Arkansas. His parents recognized his passion for music and started him in piano lessons at age four. At the University of Memphis, he studied commercial music jazz composition and arranging.

Michael traveled the US with a group from Branson called Lance Griffith and Twisted Cactus, opening for many well-known country acts. Michael made Grand Country his home when he started working for the Down Home Country Show, the Brumley Music Show, and finally Grand Jubilee.

Michael has his own recording studio in his home where he works on numerous music projects including writing, arranging, and producing music and jingles of all styles. He aspires to become a great film composer. Michael also works with Gary S. Paxton, writer of the Monster Mash and Alley Ooop on countless projects.

Michael enjoys riding bicycles and spending time with his beautiful daughter, Maelle. They are active members of Branson United
Methodist Church where Michael regularly sings solos and with the choir.

Birthday: March 15
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Entertainers: Steely Dan, Joe Calderazzo, BB King and Chick Korea
Favorite Song: Deacon Blues
Favorite TV Show: Survivor