Michael W. Davis

Piano, Featured Vocalist & Musical Director

Born and raised in Camden, Arkansas, Michael’s parents recognized a passion for music inside their young son and sined him up for piano lessons at the ripe old age four. As his talent and skill level began to grow, Michael attended the University of Memphis where he studied commercial music jazz composition and arranging.

After college, Michael traveled the nation with a Branson-based group, Lance Griffith and Twisted Cactus, opening for many well-known country acts. Upon returning to Ozark Mountain Country, Michael began working for Grand Country first as a member of the Down Home Country Show. He then joined the Brumley Music Show before finally landing as a member of the Grand Jubilee’s Grand Band. Michael has also been named Branson’s Piano Player of the Year.

When he isn’t tickling the ivories, Michael has a recording studio in his home where he routinely works on numerous music projects that include writing, arranging and producing music and jingles of all styles. He often collaborated with the late Gary S. Paxton, the man behind the Monster Mash. Michael recently achieved his longtime goal of becoming a film composer, completing the score for an independent film called Surrender.” The trailer is currently available online.

Michael is also an avid gamer, citing “The Legend of Zelda” series as his favorite. As a way of combining his love of games and music, Michael also recently developed a program that allows him to use his Nintendo Wii gaming remote as a baton to conduct a virtual orchestra.

When he isn’t performing, Michael enjoys riding bicycles and spending time with his beautiful daughter, Maelle. They are both active members of Branson United Methodist Church where Michael regularly sings both solos and with the choir.

Birthday: March 15
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Entertainers: Steely Dan, Joe Calderazzo, BB King and Chick Korea
Favorite Song: Deacon Blues
Favorite TV Show: Survivor