Jamie Haage “Jim Dandy”

Comedian – Jim Dandy

While there is every chance most folks recognize him as his alter ego “Jim Dandy,” make no mistake, Jamie is one of the most talented musicians, vocalists and comedians in this town. Not only is he talented, but he’s also versatile, and plays the piano, drums, banjo, fiddle and steel guitar by ear.

Born and raised in the Ozarks, Jamie has been a staple in the Branson entertainment scene for more than 30 years. He comes from a family steeped in musical talent and tradition, and he proudly carries on that tradition.

Since he was a very young man, Jamie has shared the stage with the likes of The Collins Family, The Wilkinson Brothers, The Plummer Family, Harold Morrison, Mac Wiseman, and Buck Trent. He was a long time entertainer at Silver Dollar City, which is where the collaboration between he and Grand Country producer, Mike Patrick, began. “I was hired as a musician, street performer and all sorts of other things there,” he said. “Once Mike started producing at Echo Hollow, I moved to fulltime comedy, and it’s been my main job ever since. Mike and I always just sort of clicked.” When Patrick departed Silver Dollar City for the bright lights of the Branson strip and Grand Country, he knew there was only one comedian for his Grand Jubilee show and that was Jamie.

Jamie is a recipient of the Comedian of the Year award by both the All-American Entertainment Awards and Branson Show Awards. The Branson Terry Awards presented Jamie with the 2014 Pioneer Award. He was most recently awarded the 2015 Brammy Supporting Performer of the Year, and 2015 Male Entertainer of the Year. When he isn’t making folks laugh at any of the numerous shows he performs in at Grand Country, he also owns and operates a local recording studio, Haage Music Productions, where he records for folks from all over the country.

He continues to make his home in Branson along with his two toy poodles named for two of his favorite entertainers, Porter & Dolly.

Birthday: November 30
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Biscuits and Gravy
Favorite Entertainers: Dolly Parton, Carol Burnett and Benny Hill
Favorite Song: If That Isn’t Love
Favorite TV Show: The Golden Girls, Hogan’s Heroes and Dallas
Website: www.HaageMusic.com