Jackie Brown

Featured Vocalist

Born in Phoenix and raised in Chandler, Arizona, Jackie Brown grew up singing contemporary Christian music in the First Baptist Church. Jackie knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her earliest influences were Dolly Parton and Amy Grant, but her most influential moments came from singing alongside her mom.

Two years after high school graduation, Jackie headed east and began her career at the Opryland theme park, where she was asked to portray Country Rose Barbie, the Opry’s first and only collector’s Barbie doll, on the Grand Ole Opry. Jackie spent nine years living and working in Tennessee, sharing the stage with greats like Dolly Parton, Jeannie Seely, Margo Smith, Steve Wariner and Porter Wagoner. “Performing with Dolly was one of the greatest moments of my professional career,” she said. “The fact they asked me, that they thought enough to ask me to perform with her, was a great moment.”

While she was working in Tennessee, she met a man named Matt Hanshaw, who was immediately smitten with her. The feeling wasn’t mutual at first. “I was kind of on the fence about him,” she said with a laugh. “But he eventually won me over, and I ended up following him to Branson.” They were married soon after. She began performing in Branson shows like Legends in Concert for a few years and eventually joined the cast of Grand Jubilee.

When she isn’t on stage, Jackie enjoys event and party planning, cooking, socializing, scrapbooking, wine tasting, crocheting, movie watching, bargain shopping and showing people photos on her phone. (Just don’t accuse her of texting!) Jackie has also been named Branson’s Female Vocalist of the Year.

She and Matt have one son, Jaren, along with two dogs, chinchillas, and one very spoiled cat.

Birthday: January 23
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Entertainers: Lucille Ball
Favorite Song: I Will Always Love You
Favorite TV Show: I Love Lucy, Nashville