David Ragan

New South Lead Singer

Originally from a small town in Michigan, David Ragan has had an interesting road to becoming the newest member of New South. While he didn’t necessarily grow up in a musical family, music was always a big part of his life. “We always liked to sing, and my three younger brothers and I grew up singing together,” he said. “We learned at an early age how to sing harmony, and in northern Michigan, that isn’t a common thing.”

When he was 14, David caught a show by a gospel group called the Inspirations in Detroit, and that was the day his life changed forever – the day he got bit by the show business bug. Throughout high school and college, music played large role in his life, defining him on the inside. During his freshman year of college in Pensacola, Florida, David caught the Inspirations once again, and struck up a conversation with the group’s owner. “He recognized me from concerts in Michigan and we exchanged numbers,” David said. “Then my sophomore year he called me to fill in for the lead singer. After college, I became a full time member of the group that influenced me so much. Plus, I loved the fact I got to sing to so many people and be a positive influence.”

While touring with the Inspirations, Ragan and the group played several venues in Branson, where he met New South bass singer Mark McCauley and the two fast became friends due mainly to the fact they both wanted to be Batman when they grew up. In the Fall of 2014, David was asked to audition and was hired on the spot.

“I had always been a part of traditional quartet groups, and until I sat out in the crowd and watched it, I had never seen anything quite like the Grand Jubilee show,” David laughed. “They’re doing the Jackson 5, the Village People and interacting with the crowd. The quartet stuff was my cup of tea, but the other stuff I knew would be a stretch and I didn’t know if I could do it.” Since joining the show, David said he’s been welcomed with open arms. “These are real people, and that means more to me than anything, so I have never been happier in my life,” David said. “I grew up wanting to sing gospel, and I still get to do that, but I also really want to make a difference for people, and I feel the Grand Country family does just that.”

David is married to his beautiful wife Marissa, and they have two cats, Theodore and Oliver, and
a dog, Duncan who keep them quite busy. When he isn’t entertaining folks on stage, David
enjoys playing and watching basketball, listening to music, and most of all spending time with
his son Bradley. David and Marissa attend church at Skyline Baptist Church in Branson.

Birthday: October 12
Favorite Color: Spartan Green
Favorite Food: A good Chinese buffet
Favorite Entertainers: The Inspirations, Oak Ridge Boys & Bing Crosby
Favorite Song: How Great Thou Art
Favorite TV Show: Psych & The Big Bang Theory