David Price

New South Baritone

David was born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan. One of four siblings, (Austin, Aby, Amy and David), he has had a love for music for as long as he can remember and never thought he would do anything else professionally.

He spent several years traveling with some of the biggest names in gospel music before joining New South, some of which received nominations for prestigious Dove & Grammy Awards.

“I’ve been so blessed that I get to do what I love for a living. Music moves people in ways that nothing else can and to be a part of that is truly unique and special.”

David has won multiple awards in video production. In his free time he enjoys playing golf, recording and music writing.

Birthday: April 21
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: Anything which can be cooked in 3 minutes or less
Favorite Entertainers: Mark McCauley
Favorite Song: Ain’t That Crazy
Favorite TV Show: Fast N Loud, Combat Rescue