Chris Wainscott

Production Manager

Chris Wainscott was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. After high school Chris took a job working for a local grocery business. A few years later he decided his passion for show business was worth more than a paycheck. He resigned the grocery job to become a spotlight operator at the Riverside Resort in Laughlin. This decision definitely changed his professional direction and put him on the right course to pursue music and show production. His enthusiasm and ability to learn quickly earned him a promotion to monitor engineer. During his six years with Riverside, Chris quickly learned and exceled in every aspect of show production.

In 1996, a chance conversation with country music star, Mel Tills, led to a job offer as lead audio technician for the Mel Tillis Show. The following year Chris attended Vari-Lite school to learn the skills of programing moving light instruments. He soon graduated as a “Certified Lighting Technician” and this certification earned him the promotion to Lighting Designer and Stage Manager for the country music legend.

Chris really began making a name for himself with his amazing eye for lighting design. It wasn’t long before he was taking on numerous lighting projects for well-known musical groups, large venues in the four-state area, and local theme park, Silver Dollar City.

In 2013 Chris joined Grand Country and assumed the role of Production Manager. He has many responsibilities to insure all the shows happen as scheduled and executed flawlessly. He also designs the lighting for all of our shows and coordinates all the guest performers on Branson Country USA.

He is married to his wife Tonya. She spent many years performing with the Baldknobbers and Mel Tillis. They attend Riverdale Baptist Church in Nixa where Chris runs sound and Tonya teaches Sunday School. He also enjoys playing guitar and even had a brief performing stint with the Road To Rock show.

Birthday: April 6
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Tonya’s cooking
Favorite Entertainers: The Rolling Stones
Favorite Song: Moonlight Sonata
Favorite TV Show: King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond