Andy Parks


Born in northern Indiana to a German mother, and a father who was a teacher, Andy Parks had no shortage of funny material growing up, especially from his father. “He is my inspiration,” Andy said with that huge grin. “He is the only person who can make my sides consistently hurt from laughing, and he is also the person I try to be more like every day of my life. I remember him telling me ‘all you have is a name, and if you ruin, that, you’ve got nothing, so don’t ruin my name.'”

As far as doing comedy as a career, Andy said he was first inspired in the early 1990s by Jim Carrey, a comedian who was taking the world by storm. After a year of college Andy decided to move to Los Angeles. Strangely enough, while he was in L.A., he became friends with Carrey’s manager. “He’s one of the biggest managers in Hollywood, and I picked the right guy to emulate, I guess. Before it was just a dream, but now I was out there doing it. It was reality.”

Andy saw some success in “LaLa Land”, and snagged several commercials and other film roles while in California, but as he says, a child changes everything. “Kids can just crush dreams,” he laughed. “We were pregnant. Then we had a kid and I felt like doors were closing, especially as far as taking care of my family. I was just kind of done with it.” Around this time, the Sight & Sound Theatre was being constructed, and a fateful phone call from his grandfather put Andy on the path to Ozark Mountain Country. It was definitely God leading us out here.”

Andy continued to work at Sight & Sound, as well as founding the Big Dill Improv, becoming an integral part of the young comedy movement in Branson. He also worked at Dixie Stampede for several years before the folks at the Comedy Jamboree came a-calling. “I got the call there was an opening to join the show,” he said. I don’t know if I was the best choice or even the first choice, but I sure am glad I was THE choice. I’m really having fun and enjoy working with such great talent. I feel like it’s a great fit.”

Andy and his wife Carmen have been married for nearly 15 years, and have two girls, Contessa and Victorious. When he isn’t on stage tickling your funny bone, Andy enjoys spending time with the family, painting, drawing and writing. “Bob Ross is now on Netflix, so I’ve got my off time planned for a while,” he laughed. “It is so relaxing watching Bobby, as I call him.”

Birthday: January 30
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Entertainers: Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell & Robin Williams
Favorite Song: Anything by Gordon Light or Air Supply
Favorite TV Show: Boy Meets World, Fuller House & Dora The Explorer