Andy Holloway

Assistant General Manager & Associate Producer

Andy Holloway is the Associate Producer for all Grand Country productions and is one of the most integral members of the team. He moved to Branson when his parents bought Stormy Point and grew up helping his family build one of the area’s most popular lakeside resorts. Immersed in the Branson music scene, Andy was exposed to jazz, gospel, and his personal favorite, classic rock. “I listened to Led Zeppelin and grew my hair out long,” he said with a laugh. “I was basically my parent’s worst nightmare.”

He started playing drums around town and was the fill-in drummer at Silver Dollar City. That is where he first met Grand Country Producer, Mike Patrick. After high school, he became the resident drummer in the Silver Dollar Saloon Show for over a decade. Andy quickly became a hot commodity, both on and off stage, getting several job offers to work behind the scenes. “I enjoyed playing and wasn’t ready to grow up and walk away from music, even though I had a couple of offers to work in management,” he said. “I worked day shows and played in bands at night for about 10 years, until Mike finally convinced me to move on to management.”

He went into Entertainment Management for SDC, managing multiple shows and special events. Having always had a great working relationship with Mike, the duo moved to Grand Country in 2003, with Andy accepting the position of Assistant General Manager. “Mike is the big picture guy and sees where we need to go,” Andy said. “My job is to ensure everything is ready for each and every performance. I take care of bookings, IT, lights, and sound, etc. Wherever we find an issue, that’s where I attack. I have become Mike’s ‘Jack of all trades’, but a master of none.”

All the little things that go unseen for keeping the shows going fall under his responsibility. Besides his role as a consummate leader on property, he is also a dedicated family man. Andy is married to his lovely wife Sheri. They have three beautiful daughters, GraceLynn, Emma and Josie. In his free time (which quite literally, rarely exists), Andy loves to work on his farm, bow hunting, playing special events with his band, The Super RedHawks, and completing remodeling projects on his house.

Birthday: June 25
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Thai Food
Favorite Entertainers: Led Zeppelin
Favorite Song: Fool In The Rain
Favorite TV Show: History Channel