Grand Country Rewind

Each Sunday evening Mike Patrick and Jamie Haage bring back to life all the classic country music you grew up on.   Featuring the best of country music from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, Grand Country Rewind celebrates the rich history of country music performed by the true legends who made country music a national treasure.  If it’s been to the top of the charts, you’re sure to hear it here!

Mike and Jamie also present a very popular segment titled, “Vintage Branson”.  Each broadcast features a song and story from one of Branson’s first 10 founding shows.  As recipients of

Branson’s Pioneer Award (Branson Terry Awards), Mike and Jamie take great pride in sharing their collection of music, memories and milestones of Branson’s pioneering shows.

Some music only gets better with time.  Listen to your treasured country classics each and every week.

The show can also be streamed at 6pm every Sunday evening at